Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A-Hamm's View Of Week One

How do you describe week one?? Crazy, Shocking or just down right odd. Some teams showed up ready to play (Oklahoma, Ohio St. Oregon and Penn St.). Others Sleptwalk to victories (USC, Georgia and Wisconsin). Then some just, well umm sucked somethin awful (Va. Tech. Michigan, Clemson and San Diego St.).
Now time to hand out my Weekly "HAMMIE" awards.....
MVP of the Week: Kevin Craft (UCLA)-How in the world do you throw 4 int's in the first half then lead a comeback..apparently he has the anwser.
Game that I would watch again: Tennessee-UCLA
Coach who's Resume needs to be updated: Ty Willingham (Washington)
Best Team Effort: Fresno St. and Bowling Green for getting Tough road wins.
Worst Team Effort: Michigan, Va. Tech and Clemson. Some extra laps are in need for the last two teams on this list. Michigan showed why the will struggle this year, maybe Pat White should of transfered with Rich-Rod.
Team on the Rise-Colorado, a young team in the Big 12 North that starts out strong. It kind of reminds me of KU last year.
Best Sleepwalking Effort-Kansas and USC. For the Hawks they knew that FIU would not be a test so they went through the motions as expected. USC played to a B- effort and still put up 50+ on UVA. It makes me think, is UVA really that bad?? My anwser, Yes..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A 19 Year Old's View Of Week One

Well, it's finally here. College Football Season will start in less than 24 hours and already upsets are being called and conference title plans are being re-routed and thats just before Labor Day. A big change has occured though as compared to 2007's season start. National Title Contenders are actually gonna get tested in week one (USC, Missouri and LSU). While Other teams get a free pass to a 1-0 record (Ohio St., Oklahoma and BYU). Let's take a deeper look into week 1.
Fav 5 Games (In No Order)
Missouri v. Illinois (In St. Louis)
Last Year's Game went down to the wire, this one will too.
Prediction:Missouri wins 28-21
NC State @ So. Carolina
The SEC Darkhorse gets an early test on Thursday night versus a fiesty Wolfpack team
Prediction:So. Carolina wins 24-14
Tennessee @ UCLA
Tennessee also gets tested early too as they are one of two SEC schools that make a tough trip out west. UCLA is running out of Quarterbacks, can anybody check and see what Cade McNown is doing.
Prediction:Tennessee wins 17-14
Alabama v. Clemson (In Atlanta)
Nick Saban v. Tommy Bowden, this is what college needs to start off week one. Also I would like to see how Julio Jones does vs. a tough Clemson D.
Prediction:Clemson wins 35-24
USC @ Virginia
Mark Sanchez looks healthy coming into this one, so the Trojans will roll.
Prediction:SC Wins 56-17
Team on upset watch-Texas and Virginia
The Big dissapointment this week-Michigan will play very ugly vs. Utah and still win by a very close margin
Man who's Heisman stock will rise-Max Hall (BYU)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bring Back College Football on ABC!!!!!

With College Football Season coming up you college football fans you always look for what channel is playing what game. The top network is ABC and their College Football brand is a trademark of american sports. About 3 years ago, ABC Sports went in a different direction and did away with ABC Sports and "renamed" it ESPN on ABC. Yea, I know I dont get it either. So of course any sport you see on ABC is really ESPN.

What in the hell is "ESPN on ABC"???? Roone and Howard would not tolerate this..

I honestly believe that the College Football portion has suffered the most from all of this, I mean look what Disney has turned College Football into..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN4XXVEDzoE

Remember when Keith Jackson, Brent Musburger and Brad Nessler had that music behind them, and every game seemed like a conference title matchup. Hell, they could make Stanford-Oregon State look like the Rose Bowl. Well I'll let you take a look...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64rs1GXj4ck

Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 QB System?!?!?!?!?!

I found this story from The Oregonian today, its about the ongoing battle for Quarterback for the Oregon Ducks and here's and intresting thing I picked up in that article by way of fannation.com...

Three-QB system at Oregon?
Posted: Thursday August 21, 2008 06:37AM ET
It took the brilliance of Dennis Dixon last season to put an end to the three words -- two-quarterback system -- that haunt many Oregon fans. So, are you ready for . . . a three-quarterback system? "We've been doing it for so long, pretty much since '05," said center Max Unger when asked if three cadences might pose a problem. Nate Costa had pretty much made this a one-quarterback team until last week's scrimmage, when Justin Roper outplayed him. Meanwhile, freshman Chris Harper continues to develop into an offensive force, even if he still has trouble throwing the ball. "We probably would hope that one would get it done," Oregon coach Mike Bellotti said. "If there's other things that a second or third quarterback brings to the table, giving us another way to attack somebody or create another preparation headache for opposing defenses, certainly we'll consider that."

It makes me wonder, can you have a 3 QB system?? In my opinion no, I'm all for giving everyone a shot at the Job but one or two good preformances by the no. 2 and no. 3 guys then you have a Quarterback issue. This article made me think, what other "Multi-QB System" was used in the past

2006-Florida (Chris Leak & Tim Tebow)
To a majority of you Gator fans, there was life before Tim Tebow. Chris Leak was thrown under the bus time after time for not winning the big game. Once he wins the national championship, who get all the credit?? Tim Tebow

Monday, August 18, 2008

Here come the Irish...To Bowl Season????

Last season, Notre Dame went through something I call Samardija-Quinn withdrawl syndrome. The Irish were with out there two best threats, Brady Quinn and Jeff Samardija for the first time in 3 years. The critics of the Irish knew it was going to be tough but not "3 wins" tough, unless your ESPN's Mark May. This is a new season though, and I will say right now that Notre Dame will go to a Bowl Game. Thats right, The Irish will be bowling but it where they will play is the bigger question. Well I will assess the Irish chances of playing in 3 potental games

Bowl Game 1 (The National Championship)
This is inpossible to imagine for Notre Dame but if Notre Dame can get passed there two toughest tests (Pitt and USC) they could be in the picture. The biggest thing blocking them is, as with all Notre Dame teams in the past is.....The Schedule. This young Irish team will stumble on the road or even at home. A 2009 title run is possible if the talent comes along correctly. Chances (7 %)

Bowl Game 2 (A BCS Bowl)
The BCS has not been kind to Notre Dame in the past decade wait, The Bowl season hasnt been kind to Notre Dame in the past 15 years with blowout loss after blowout loss. The BCS is now starting to become accessable to more teams by having 10 teams participate. Notre Dame could afford about 2 or 3 losses to still be in BCS contention. The biggest question for the Irish if they are to make an appearence is will they get another January butt-kicking??
Chances (15%)

Bowl Game 3 (The Gator Bowl)
This is Probably the easiest and most likely bowl destination for the Irish if they play up to there level and win games that there supposed to win, which a majority of them they will. They will be suiting up in Jacksonville on New Years's Day playing an ACC opponent.
Chances (70%)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pac 10 Conference Preview

In putting the Pac 10 Preview Together, I really "Thought Long and Hard" about it and USC will win the Pac 10 Again. I honestly dont see any other team coming to the plate vs. SC, Oregon has too many questions. Arizona St. has the toughtest conference schedule out of anyone in the conference and there are no other possible contenders.

5 Best Players

Ray Manaluga (USC)

Brian Cushing (USC)

Jake Locker (Washington)

Willie Tuitama (Arizona)

Patrick Chung (Oregon)

3 players to pay attention to

Taylor Mays (USC)

Mark Sanchez (USC)

Nate Costa (Oregon)

Coaches on the Hot seat

Jeff Tedford (Cal) and Mike Stoops (Arizona)

3 Games to pay attention to Other than SC-Ohio St.

Washington @ USC (Nov. 1)

Locker and co. head to LA this year after taking the men of troy down to the wire in Seattle a year ago.

Oregon @ Purdue (Sept. 13)

The Battle of the Spread Offense, I have a feeling no defense will be played in this one.

Arizona St. @ Cal. (October 4)

Even if this game is in october, it might factor who makes the Rose Bowl, because USC wont be there, they are gonna play a couple of days later in Miami.

Conference Predictions


2.Arizona st.






8.Oregon St


10.Washington St.

Monday, July 28, 2008

SEC Conference Preview

Ok Ladies and Gents can anyone tell me what conference has the heisman winner, national champion, two schools that face off more in the courtroom than they do on a football field? It's the SEC!!! 2007 could be described as crazy and dramatic but there is no way that it can be topped, or can it??
5 Best Players
Knowshown Moreno (UGA)
Tim Tebow (Florida)
Percy Harvin (Florida)
Ricky Jean-Francois (LSU)
Jasper Brinkley (So. Carolina)
3 players to pay attention to
Julio Jones (Alabama)
John Parker Wilson (Alabama)
Arian Foster (Tennessee)
Coach on the Hot seat
Bobby Johnson (Vanderbilt)
3 games to watch
LSU at Auburn (Sept. 20th)
The nation's most exciting rivalry heads to the plains of Auburn, if the past 5 years are any indication of what will happen in 08' it should be a dandy.
Ole Miss at Arkansas (Oct. 25)
This gets my vote of most akward game of the year, Houston Nutt used to coach at Arkansas where Bobby Petrino coaches now, feeling akward yet??
Georgia V. Florida (Nov. 1)
The Winner of this game is a lock for the national title game, or are they??
Conference Predictions

West Division
4.Mississippi St.
5.Ole Miss

East Division
4.So. Carolina